Couple’s Conception + PCOS Kit

Couple’s Conception + PCOS Kit

The Couple’s Conception + PCOS Kit is designed to serve opposite-sex couples trying to conceive when the female partner has PCOS.

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The Preconception Formula is created for women preparing to conceive, and includes vitamin D3, L-Methyl Folate, Grape seed extract, Lycopene and other ingredients that are difficult to meet through diet alone. Our Preconception Formula is paired with the Inositol Blend and Probiotic Billion. The prebiotic/probiotic formulation in concert with the Inositol Blend may better modulate blood glucose and insulin levels, creating more ideal conditions when trying to conceive.

Our Male Fertility Formula includes Lycopene, L-Carnitine, and other ingredients designed to promote optimal sperm health and quality.

The supplements in the kit will support both partners in preparing their bodies for conception while simultaneously addressing and alleviating symptoms of PCOS.

This kit contains:

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